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Stressed and Depressed New Year Updates

Dear Herb&Home (formerly Stressed and Depressed) Guests,

Thank you for all your years of support and kind comments over the last few years. We ve seen the community grow and interact and we couldn't be prouder to have a customer base like this.

As some of you may know, December 15th is going to be our final day of operation as a grey market store.

We will be going into renovations after closing down and we expect to be back in February!

Expect the same community and vibe but with an updated beautiful store and different product.

We promise to do our best to remain focused on our core values of good product for a good price. We will do our best to find the right products for our customers and only carry items we believe in.

Furthermore, we understand that this news may make some people upset, but we believe in the legal industry. It is a brand new industry that has been legalized and it will take time for it to reach the point where customers and product will meet at the equilibrium once more.

But have faith! We're here to stay and we'll ride out all of the speed bumps.

Thank you for being our customer and part of our community for the past years. We hope to see everyone in the new year once we're REOPEN in FEBRUARY and ready to rock once more.

Best wishes, Herb&Home (formerly Stressed and Depressed)

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