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New Release Tuesday

We do our best to always bring new content and quality products for you. This New Release Tuesday we are pleased to welcome new jar stock Pink Bubba, Pink Star, MK Ultra, and Zombie Kush too for Indicas. Our Hybrid selection now includes Cookie OG, while the Sativa section says hi again to our favourites, Moby Dick and King Tut. As always brought to you by the great Dr. Coughee

That isn't all either. A whole bundle of new shatter stock fell into our freezers and helps us boast a large list of strains. Sativa added Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Dirty Girl, Island Sweet Skunk, MediHaze, Nepalese, OCD to the roster. Our Indica fans will be excited for A-10, Ogre Berry, Paris XXX, Purple Hindu, Purple Urkle, Rockstar, Romulan, Shark Shock and Tuna Kush to its ranks. While Royal Kush returns to the Hybrid menu.

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